Something happend to me, about ten years ago. It occurred to me as a journey: a ship picked me and took me into a world where senses have no reason to exist. It came to me while listening to a song of the band "The Doors" . If I remember well I think that it is at this very moment that music took me on its long and crazy ride . This strange event happened again while I was 14. I was listening to the song "My favorite things" by John Coltrane. Music became an answer and since then I hold him a love supreme.

I started playing guitar with my brother but I quickly change guitar for drums. Together, we started a band with friends. We played in a crappy basement, but a area of free expressions. Looking back now, it was the premise of the matilem studio. This is where the creations of the band "Antichronique" gushed.

Meeting after meeting I decided to start learning music seriously.

After finishing high school I studied several years in private jazz schools. There, I quickly realized that the real music can not be learned in those kinds of places, at least not to my opinion. Learning through travels semmed to suited me far better. Passionated by overseas music, I left my small town of Brussels and undertook to travel in India, latin America and Africa. I am convinced that the beauty of music is the result of interbreeding, I forget the borders and I walk, I swim in this huge blue bubble that is Earth and it inspires me.


Music is life, music is my life.