No to cynicism and pessimism.
Be, just Be is a singer-songwriter, rock & pop style band.
The songs are talking about the deepest of the deepest hidden in each of us. Texts full of truth and love. A balm to the heart. About conscience and awakening. About unity and that what can bring humans back together. Don't we really need this in these crazy and absurd times of fragmentation and opposing people against each other, or do we prefer to precipitate ourselves all together into the abyss? The songs are light, strong, direct and they hit, with a language and music understandable by everyone. And alternated in between these songs you get far-out free psychedelic improvisations. The musicians of Be, just Be are Mr. Y, who sings and plays guitar and saxophone, Lady X plays harp, flute, synthesizer and sings, then there is Mr. Z on the bass and some backing vocals and last but not least you have Mr. T who is playing the drums.