Yobo's a world music band from brussels created by Kas Thanas in mars 2013.

After spending a few years studying and playing jazz in Brussels, Thanas, passionate by african rhythms decides to go to West Africa. There, he quickly understood that in their culture, music and dance are strongly related and the role of drummers and percussionists is to get the crowd dancing. Thanas stayed a few months in Mali and Burkina Faso, just enough time to increase his music vocabulary and nourish his mind.

Yobo is the natural result of this trip. 

When Thanas returned he found the right musicians to play with, those are Robin Rees on the guitar, Simon Beseme on keyboard and Francois Lahaye on the bass guitar. Together, they express interbreeding of the two continents through their music. They like to call them ''music settlers''.


There are many ways to grow music up. They think that music is part of nature and like the leaves, it spreads and changes colors. They admire its beauty and decided to be part of it.