Music directly inspired by the Ocean, the sea, waves, whales and dolphins, the forces of Nature and more.

Ocean Voices Duo is the new electro-acoustic musical creation by Guillaume Vanespen (bowed gong) and Thanas Kas (rubbed bendirand electronic effects). Guillaume Vanespen creates coloured waves, long notes, sometimes high-pitched, sometimes low-pitched, which can blend together, played on the edge of the gong,as well as sounds reminiscent of whistling dolphins, played on the gong string. 
Thana Has uses rubber drumsticks rubbed on the bendir’s skin, imitating the song of whales, while electronic effectsreharmonise the entire ensemble and much more.

Composing vast soundscapes, the ensemble presents itself as an underwater journey, an aquatic sonic immersion of contrasts, between light and darkness, between natural forces and meditative calm. 
An itinerant journey, that starts on the beach, with the breeze and the undertow of waves, before plunging into the ocean, ... meeting whales and dolphins, ... then defying the storm, weathering the hurricane and descending into the abyss, ... "World of Silence", ... submarines, Morse codes, sound waves, ...before slowly and progressivelyreturning to the shore ...